2020 resolutions - ringing in the new year!

Is anyone else wondering how the heck it’s already 2020?! We’re in a new decade y’all! That’s pretty crazy.

The new year can bring so many things. It can bring new jobs, new loves, new people, new fitness goals, and so many others!! It can also be a great time to check in with yourself and focus on you!!

We’ve put together 10 of our resolutions we at Takenaka are going to implement and hope that all of you will as well!!


1. Be more adventurous - try new things, book that plane ticket, tell that person you love them, go sky diving, change things up. Go set your soul on fire!

2. Do more good - for yourself, for others, for the planet. Add a face mask into your weekly routine, grab your friend a coffee, pick up trash on the beach. Remember the small things sometimes mean the most!

3. Get back into a fitness routine - join a gym, get a Classpass and try different activities. Find something that gives your mind the break it deserves.

4. Don’t diet unless it makes you happy or will actually benefit your health - eat what you want and what you love. Only diet if it’s healthy for you, mentally and physically. Find what works for you. Eat clean and good but every now and then eat the cookie or 10 (and pack it in your TAKENAKA BENTO BOX ) remember It’s all about moderation.

5. Be more conscious - be aware of your actions and how you interact with the people and world around you. Maybe ditch the plastic bag or notice the homeless person you pass every day on your way to work. A smile goes a long way!

6. Don’t wait - I mean come on it’s already 2020!! we have a whole life to live but we also never know what’s going to happen. So if you want it to go for it! If you’re waiting for a sign this is it! GO DO IT!

7. Do what makes you happy - if it brings you joy do it. If it doesn’t set it aside and move forward. That goes for anything and everything in life. Find the right balance. This is your year. Own it!

8. Take your time - if you need more time to do something to get to the next place or to do that specific thing give yourself it. There’s no timeline in life so let go of any expectations society has told you or you’ve told yourself. Have goals and reach them but don’t be too hard on yourself.

9. Focus on your health - the number one thing in our lives is our health. We don’t realize it until it’s gone. So pay attention to how you feel and what you’re putting into your body. Is the water your drinking clean? (Grab a water filter and know what you’re putting in your body) take care of that beautiful body and mind you’ve got!

10. Have fun!! - make it a point to do something every day that makes you laugh or makes you smile. It’s the best medicine, literally! Go get dinner with your friends, go dancing on the weekends, or snuggle in and watch your favorite Netflix show.


Happy new year y’all! Here’s to an awesome year ahead and all of the good things you’re going to accomplish in 2020!!