Our 1% Pledge

Takenaka Partners with “1% for the Planet”: Committing to a Greener Future


A New Chapter in Sustainable Business

We are thrilled to announce an inspiring new partnership at Takenaka. Embracing our responsibility towards a healthier planet, we’re now a proud member of “1% for the Planet.” https://www.onepercentfortheplanet.org/ This significant step means we’re committing 1% of our online sales to support environmental initiatives. It’s not just about creating eco-friendly products anymore; it’s about actively contributing to a better future.

Takenaka Bento Box: A Symbol of Sustainable Living

  • Durability Meets Design: Our bento boxes are built to last. They’re not just a daily convenience but a long-term companion in your sustainable lifestyle journey.
  • Eco-Conscious Material: Crafted from recycled PET material, each bento box stands as a testament to our ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ ethos.
  • Versatility for Every Meal: With various sizes, including the popular Double Layer option, our bento boxes cater to every appetite, encouraging home-prepared meals over single-use packaging.

“1% for the Planet”: A Global Force for Environmental Change

  • A Collective Impact: By partnering with “1% for the Planet,” https://www.onepercentfortheplanet.org/ we’re joining a global network dedicated to environmental preservation. This initiative is not just a donation; it’s a movement towards global environmental change.
  • Transparency and Accountability: This partnership is more than a pledge; it’s a promise of responsibility and transparency in how we, as a company, contribute to environmental causes.

Your Role in This Green Journey

Every Takenaka Bento Box purchase now becomes part of this greener narrative. As our customers, you’re not just choosing a sustainable product; you’re directly supporting environmental initiatives with every purchase. It’s a joint effort to make a difference, one meal at a time.

Looking Ahead

This partnership with “1% for the Planet” marks a new chapter in our journey towards sustainability. We’re excited to see the positive impact this will have, not just on our business, but on the planet. Together, we can make every meal a step towards a greener, healthier world.

Join Us

Discover more about our range of eco-friendly bento boxes and how each purchase contributes to a better future. Let’s make every meal count for our planet! :earth_asia::green_heart: For more insights on how you can contribute to saving the planet, visit '1% for the Planet'.