A Step towards sustainability

We’re on the hunt to do everything possible to save our Mama Earth. With staggering numbers coming out from environmentalists and photos of the ocean littered with the trash we want to do everything we can to look ahead to the future! A recent study found that about every minute 2 million single-use plastic bags are thrown away around the world. This means that we use about one trillion single-use plastic bags worldwide.

Just in the United States alone we use about 60 million plastic sandwich bags throughout the year. Each bag takes about 1,000 years to decompose! They end up in our oceans, on our beaches, and toxins are let out into the air. 

 We want to make a change! One of our greatest missions is to create a sustainable solution for you. Our Takenaka Bento Boxes do just that! They allow you to still bring your lunch from home and reduce the plastic waste! They not only are reusable but also dependable! You can ditch your plastic sandwich bags and use the dividers inside to pack all the goodies you want! What’s stopping you?

 Let’s strive for a cleaner and less wasteful future starting with the switch to Takenaka!