Accessorizing Your Bento

Accessories are not just for your outfits! Takenaka Bento offers a variety of accessories to complement your bento and up your meal time. From utensils to mugs to bags, you can mix and match our accessories to pair with your style and truly take a sustainable fun meal on the go. 

Take a look at our selection below to get to know our accessories! 


  1. Chopsticks and Case: For a traditional, Japanese‑style utensil for any of your Bento Box meals, the bento chopsticks set is the ideal, reusable solution to other single‑use alternatives. Stored in a variety of colored cases, each set of Bento chopsticks is made of durable acrylic resin and can easily be cleaned with a quick hand rinse.
  2. Fork and Case: As a perfect grab‑and‑go addition to your Bento Box mealtime, this stylish Fork and Case accessory comes in a variety of colors to best match your personalized meal box choice. No more losing forks at the bottom of bags, bins, or containers. This fork encased in a stylish, SNACK container is easy to pack, use, and clean for simple silverware on the go.
  3. Cutlery Case: No on‑the‑go meal kit is complete without this durable, easy‑to‑wash stainless cutlery set. This stylish cutlery set is a simple addition to any style of Bento Box and can easily be packed alongside every meal kit for a delicious, on‑the‑go meal.
  4. Mug Cup: Created to prevent liquid spills, this Bento style cup offers the comfort of a mug with the on‑the‑go capabilities of a bottle. Perfect for any liquid hot or cold, these modern mugs are available in a variety of colors and are microwave safe to provide long‑lasting, airtight beverage availability.
  5. Bento Bag: Say goodbye to brown paper bags! Our traditional Furoshiki cloth or more standard lunch bag, will wrap your bento in style and color.