Counting down the days until Holidays? Because we know we are!

We know you’ve got your list and you’re checking it twice! Have to make sure that you bought your aunts a present and every single one of your cousins; it’s like an endless checklist! 

Sometimes we end up just buying anything we can find to check a name off of our list. But what if sustainability could still play a huge part in what we buy?

That brings US, the Takenaka team, aka your Christmas miracle!! We’re here to help you gather those last-minute gifts for the people you love! Maybe they’re the perfect stocking stuffers or let’s be honest maybe it’s a little extra gift for you!! (We think you deserve it.)

Check out some of our faves that are good for you and our planet!

Re-usable bag: Baggu bag that’s perfect for literally anything you need to carry—work stuff, gym stuff, groceries, school stuff, I don’t think I need to keep going!

Reusable water bottle: Our fave water bottles EVER. Corkcicle is not only super cute but also comes in so many different styles! Find the perfect fit for anyone on your list!

Beeswax Candles: We all love a good candle and we love it, even more, when they're sustainable and beautiful! Check out these beautiful pillar candles that will fill anyone’s home with love.

Planner: This Seedlings planner is a must! It not only will keep you organized year-round but it also is so beautiful and an Anthro exclusive!

Re-usable lunch box: Takenaka Bento Boxes come in ALL shapes and ALL colors. I promise you can find the perfect one for anyone on your list. Kids love these, adults love them, and they're also so cute and durable! The best thing to brighten anyone’s school or work week!

Re-usable straw: For all the juice lovers in your fam. Cause let’s face it those paper straws won’t cut it! Buy them our favorite reusable straw!

Organic soap: We all love some good soap and this set is unreal! Cocoa butter and shea butter as their main ingredient with some really good essential oils bring us this amazing soap set.

Organic socks: As children, we always used to hate the socks that showed up in our stockings but as we’ve gotten older we now know that these are some of THE BEST gifts to ever get. So we’ve brought you some of our favorite organic cotton socks at an unbelievable price! Grab a pair for your girlfriends and a pair for you!

The Perfect Winter Beanie: This wool beanie comes in so many cute colors and is literally the perfect accessory to add to your winter ensemble. We’re linking the men's too!!


Merry Christmas! / Happy Hanukkah! / Awesome Festivus!