Keep the Resolutions Going!


You’ve done it. You’ve set your resolutions, made all the proper preparations and stuck to your plan but as Forbes has suggested in this article, your commitment to your New Year’s resolution is starting to wane and is hanging on by a thread. So how do you stay committed to your goals? Whether you resolved to lose weight, eat healthier, stop smoking or save money, we have the intel on keeping that resolution for a long time to come.

  1. Get Recommited: It’s easy to get swept away in the hooplah of everyone’s announcement for their plans for the new year and also easy to lose motivation once the chatter has died down. It’s important to get recommited to your goal periodically to remember your why and keep pushing to the next milestone. Whether recommitment means telling a friend or reminding your accountability partner to hold you accountable, finding ways to re-ignite your passion is important.
  2. Know Your Why: Why exactly did you choose the resolution you did? And what about it motivates you to keep going? Understanding why you started is important to keep you committed to keeping you going. 
  3. Reassess Your Tools: Do you have everything you need for sustained success of your resolutions? Maybe you need to pick up some new workout equipment to keep your exercise juices flowing. Or a list of new recipes and a Takenaka Bento Box to keep your healthy eating in order. Make sure you’re well equipped to stay successful!
  4. Track Progress: Have you checked on how you’re progressing with your resolution? Jump on the scale, look in that bank account! Seeing the progress you’ve made in the month since you started can help keep you on track. If you were able to achieve something in a month, imagine how much you will in a year! 
  5. Reward Yourself!: Keeping a resolution doesn’t have to be all work and no play! Reward your efforts with items that make you feel good about your progress. Add a funky new outfit to your wardrobe to celebrate your achievements or grab a new bento for some fun in your food life!