Keeping Up Your Bento

At Takenaka Bento we take pride in providing sustainable, reusable containers to help you live your healthiest life. As you embark on the journey of reusing your bento boxes, there also comes a question of how to maintain your bento for optimal use time and time again.


1. Maintaining Its Color

Our bentos vibrant colors are made to withstand many types of food and are designed to repel staining. However, certain lighter colors don’t always pair well with deeply pigmented foods like curry or red sauce. To keep your bento shining bright, make sure to always rinse soon after use and add a grease cutting soap to breakthrough hearty leftover food in your bento. 

Prefer to use the dishwasher? Give your bento a thorough rinse before running it through to ensure there’s no left behind food or stains


2. Keep it Squeaky!

Our bentos feature silicone airtight seals in order to keep your food secure and the air out. When cleansing makes sure to keep under the seal free and clear of food debris. Doing so will ensure the bento continues to close tight and keeps any unwanted bacteria from growing where you don’t want it!


3. Let it Dry

Let your bento breathe! After the work to keep it clean, make sure your bento has the ability to snap back by allowing the entire box, the airtight band included, to dry thoroughly. Doing so guarantees the bento will continue to be able to seal shut and that you’re not trapping unwanted moisture.

Following these tips above will allow you to keep using your bentos for a long time to come. However, adding new fun colors and accessories to your collection never hurts! Shop our large range of colors and sizes to keep your troupe of reusable containers suitable for your needs. Or if you need to update the bentos you already have, don’t forget to refresh your dividers and elastic bands as needed!