Kickstart Your Journey to Healthier Living

As a brand that promotes and encourages healthy eating and sustainability, we also have a responsibility to help guide those looking to begin their (or maintain) their journey to a healthier lifestyle. We believe with a little extra knowledge and some planning, everyone is able to lead a healthy life. Whether it’s going vegan or vegetarian, taking a better look at your habits or just simply better taking care of Mother Earth, below are a few steps to consider. 

  1. Move Your Body: Exercise is often perceived as rigorous movement with lots of sweating and breathlessness involved. But did you know that simply moving your body, whether it’s a gentle yoga flow or a walk around the park has immense benefits? Not only can it help you maintain physical health, mental health is also positively affected by the simple act. So get up and get out! Your body and mind will thank you.
  2. Make One Day a Week, Plant Based: Lower meat consumption is good for both you and the environment. Choose one-day a week (or more!) to go meat free. Use tofu, seitan to replace your protein source or just go all out on veggies! Our Bento Recipes is a great place to start if you’re looking for new recipes to try. Your health and the planet thanks you.
  3. Mind Your Consumption: Our culture is one of consumption, often with items being irresponsibly discarded and harming the environment. Consider reusing, recycling and regifting more to keep your carbon footprint low and the vibes high! Our bento boxes are a great way to get started with stylish, reusable containers.
  4. Take a Time Out: Pausing through the day for a moment to breathe is essential to keeping stress levels low. Whether it’s meditation, breathing exercises or just a step outside to appreciate nature, taking a moment to yourself can work wonders in keeping you your healthiest.