Let's Get Sustainable

Sustainability is a core part of the Takenaka brand. And as we help you take along the most sustainable meals we can with bentos that are made from recycled materials (and also BPA free), you may be wondering how else can you help out mother earth. Sustainable living centers around reducing the amount of non-renewable resources to protect our planet so that it may thrive for generations to come. Ready to help do your part? Check out some tips to keep the planet healthy and happy!

1. Recycle!

You’ve heard this tried and true tip for years and years but taking the small amount of time to separate the recyclable items from your general rubbish can and IS currently helping our planet.


2. Reuse! 

Can that container be used again? Give a second or third whirl before chucking that glass or plastic container in the trash. Less waste helps keep the burden down on our planet.


3. Go Vegetarian

While we all love a juicy burger, especially in the Summer, meat production produces large amounts of wasteful byproducts that are particularly harmful. Cutting out or down on your consumption is also helpful to the environment. Need some food inspo to start? Check out our Bento recipes for some fun, healthy and flavorful meatless items to get started!

4. Drive Less, Get Out More

Can you walk or bike to your destination the next time you want to get out and about? Cars create immense amounts of carbon pollution that we can help offset. If your destination is a bit of a ways away, carpool or bus it as an alternative.

5. Waste Less Food

Food waste is one of the most prevalent ways we cause our planet harm. Leftovers don’t have to be a drag. Cook up meals that you feel good about and grab your Takenaka Bento to take the rest on the go? And in the instances where the food has gone bad, compost for a better alternative.