Meet the Bento Book!

You may think of bento boxes as just small, portable containers to pack and carry your favorite foods, however, the culture of bento is much deeper. Our roots date back to the 5th century, with workers wanting to carry their home cooked food with them on the job. The bento served as not only a way to feed their hunger but to bring a piece of home on the go as they spent long hours away. It’s since evolved into a lifestyle and a way to spread love and joy, through food.

As a brand that values the expression of individuality, we're excited to introduce Bento Book, a physical book highlighting those who embody what it means to live in color. Come with us on a journey as we explore bento culture, how it's used to carry food and as an expression of creativity and culture around the globe.

Included are some of our favorite and most popular recipes, a deeper look into bento and Japanese culture and how to make the most of your bento. 

Contact us to learn more about how you can bring Bento Book home or explore recipes and more by visiting our online Bento Book and Bento Blog!