Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy Almost Mother’s Day! Always, but especially this time, we want to send our love and show our appreciation to all the mothers out there (and our own - love you mom), who continue to support and to take care of us no matter what.

These last few weeks made many of us experience a new ‘forced’ separation from the family – trying to keep our parents and grandparents safe by keeping a safe distance. Some of us suddenly became the ‘responsible grownup’ trying to force their parents to stay at home, while they continue to act as if they are invincible. It made us realize how much our relationship can be fragile and how important it is.

So we wanted to find nice ways to show our love on this special day. We’ve gathered some of our favorite gifts to tell our mom that we think of her, even from afar. We’ve got all different price points to fit every budget, so take a peek and find the perfect gift!


1. Colorful Hand Made Jewelry by Nest Pretty Things

Based in Vermont, Nest Pretty Things have beautiful, colorful, and very affordable handmade jewelry collections that will make everyone smile. Their pieces mostly combine brass, gold, and high-quality glass beads, and range from neckless, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, and more. Their new spring collection is delightful, with a fun combination of gold and pastel-colored beads.

We also know they are having a special Mother’s Day sale - 25% off and Free shipping above $20 with code MOM25. 
You can check them out here 


2. MasterClass Membership

If your mom is not afraid of online learning, this MasterClass subscription can be the perfect gift. They offer quality content with amazing instructors in a verity of fields. Does your mother like to cook and bake? Or always wanted to start? Now she can get tips from amazing chefs like Dominique Ansel and Gordon Ramsay. Is she in the business world? Tell her to check Chris Voss’ amazing lecture in the Art of Negotiation.

The best part? They now offer two annual membership in the price of one, which means you can enjoy the classes together, and exchange notes. Check it out here


3. 100% Linen Stole by Tenjin

This 100% linen scarf is lightweight and so elegant but minimal that it can be perfect for any occasion and time of day. There is no reason not to be prepared for the day we can change out of our PJs and back to our lovely outside look. They are now offering free shipping and 10% off + 10% that goes to donation for COVID19 relief, so grab it here while you can.


4. Historic yet modern leather accessories by Inden est.1582

If your mother loves chic handmade leather accessories with an exciting backstory, this brand will be perfect for her.

Inden is a 400 years old Japanese brand that started by making deerskin accessories for the Samurai warriors. The leather used was so light-weight, flexible, and unique, that the items were eventually recognized as more than just battle accessories. Today the same family continues to make luxurious designs from their hometown, using the same traditional technique of applying natural wooden lacquer over deerskin. Each pattern is made by hand with washi paper, and the result is a one-of-a-kind item that can last forever. 

Their items range from small mirrors to wallets and card cases to clutches and large bags, with different patterns and colors.

They now offer free shipping for a limited time + 10% off, so don’t miss this offer and check it out here


5. Create a special Mixtape with

If your mother loves music, there is no way she wouldn’t like this cool online Mixtape feature.

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, before the CD (and then mp3 and online music services), Mixtapes were THE THING. You would sit for hours to record a cassette tape with your perfect lineup. After you made your mix, it was time for package decoration – creating unique artwork, doodles, and stickers. If you wanted to show someone you like them, that was the way to go! With tapes no longer a hit, lets you create and decorate your own mixtape that you can later share with someone you love. So go ahead and show your mother how much you care. Check it here


6. Set of Fine Laconic stationary

If your mother can’t wait to be able to go back to the office, why not treat her in the meantime with a beautiful set of professional stationery that she can enjoy using while working from home (and after). Laconic offers a wide variety of stationery for Design-minded Professionals, from notebooks to silver and gold binders to vinyl pouches, and more. Find them here


7. Layered fragrance by ShoLayered

Every woman loves pleasant scents. ShoLayered is offering a fresh approach to wearing scents by layering many smells that combine to create your unique scent. Ranging from body spray, cream de perfume and body wash, their minimal aesthetic and lovely unusual smells can be an excellent addition for every mom. Tale a look here


8. Takenaka Bento Box

We can't end this list without suggesting our products, which we are very proud of. If your mother is an office worker or loves to travel outdoor, a colorful bento box will definitely be a chic and practical accessory! 


No matter what you will decide, the most important thing is to remember to tell your mother how much you love her, as we sometimes take it for granted and forget. Happy Mother’s Day to every mother and child, and don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you fathers…