Our Impact

Sustainability, recyclable, upcycled and everything in between are all words we hear from companies looking to explain their commitment to creating a better Earth but what do all of these mean? And more importantly, how are they measuring their actual impact? 

At Takenaka Bento, we not only are committed to creating a more sustainable future by using recyclable materials, we are promoting further sustainability by reducing waste in your homes. But just how much do the bentos you purchase make a difference? Check out how much waste each style of bento keeps out of landfills and better understand how your purchase makes an impact.

Bento Bite Dual: 8 PET bottles 




Bento Bite: 5 PET bottles



Bento Nibble: 7 PET bottles 


Bento Bowl: 3 PET bottles 

Bento Flat: 5 PET bottles 

Knowing the impact you are making with each bento and further saving our planet with less waste and more sustainability is what we strive for a Takenaka Bento. So go ahead, measure your impact and feel good about helping our Mother Earth.