Stopping Food Waste Starts with Us

Did you know that over 33% of all food produced is wasted and even more (45%) of all produce and fruit go in the garbage every year?! Food waste is a global issue and drives many of the preventable problems our planet faces today including food shortage, hunger, poverty and sustainability. Stop Food Waste Day is April 28th and strives to tackle these issues head on by raising awareness and providing practical steps to help stop food waste across the globe. 

As a brand rooted in sustainability, we’re here to help you stop food waste and contribute to the solution. Outside of using our bento boxes to help meal prep and take food on the go, below you will find some tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting the most out of your food items and helping the planet to boot! 


  1. Avoid Buying Too Much

    This may seem like an obvious fix but many trips to the grocery store end in overbuying and eventually food waste. Consider taking more frequent, smaller trips to the store to ensure you’re only purchasing what you need


  2. Make a Shopping List!

     Lists help keep you organized and only purchasing the things you know you need. No unnecessary items here!


  3. Double Check Before Throwing Out

    Does that item really need to be thrown out just yet? Can you re-use an item for a different purpose? Are there obvious signs food has gone bad etc? Many foods can be used past the ‘Sell By’ date, make sure to do so!


  4. Use That Freezer!

    Won’t get around to eating that bread before it molds? Chuck it in the freezer to extend the usability date and cut down on your waste


  5. Reinvent the Wheel

    Leftovers can be fun! Reinvent your leftovers into a new meal to change it up and save those items destined for the garbage after one take. 


  6. Pack Your Meals to go

    Invest in high quality containers like our bento boxes to have last night's tasty dinner for lunch! This can also save time and money.


Cutting down waste is all of our responsibility and doing so helps keep our planet healthy and safe. Happy Stop Food Waste Day!