Take Your Water to the Next Level

Getting the recommended 64 oz of water a day can be a slog for some people as water can be bland, uninteresting and dull. If you happen to fall into the camp of people who can’t seem to hit those daily reco’s, we’re bringing you some ideas for staying hydrated and upping the ante on that plain, old water. And by using fruits, vegetables, and herbs you already have, you can feel even more accomplished by reducing food waste along the way. It’s a total win/win. 


  1. Choose a water bottle you like!: Picking the right water vessel, no matter what the size, color or shape is important to helping you along your hydration journey. In order to best suit your needs, choose a water bottle that allows you to take it on the go, can hold ample amounts of water and is reusable for minimum impact on the planet. No one-time plastics allowed! For an extra safety boost, make sure the bottle is BPA free to keep your road to hydration micro-plastic free.
  2. Infuse Your Teas With Herbs and Spices: Did you know that tea also counts towards your water goals? Whether you prefer hot or cold, including herbs and spices into your tea ritual is a great way to ground your tea making experience and make it tasty too! Whether choosing a black, green or white tea, adding a sprig of mint, steep with basil or just adding a cut of ginger can take your ordinary drink to extraordinary levels.
  3. Infuse it!: One of the easiest ways to spruce up your water is to infuse it. Save your citrus peels, ginger slices and apple slices and add some flair to plain water with a soak in your water bottle. Not only do these little additions provide some zest, using parts of fruits and vegetables you usually wouldn’t or having opportunities to use them before they go bad is a great way to help yourself and the planet. 


No matter how you choose to up your water intake, you can count on these tips to help your journey. Takenaka Bento also can help with the Mug Cup, designed to go, on-the-go with color choices to match your vibe and your bento! Happy drinking!