Takenaka Valentines Day Gift Guide

Happy Almost Valentine’s day! Or Galentines! Or just happy tell the people you like, love or are important to you that you’re thinking of them and sending them a little extra love day! 


  We’ve gathered together some of our favorites to gift the people we love in our lives. This list will hit everyone on your list. We’ve got all different price points too to fit your budget! Take a peek and find the perfect gift for the ones in your life! 

#1 CLEANSUI Reusable Water Filtration System


  For all the healthy eaters, health-conscious people, or even someone you care a lot about and want them to have good clean water! This system has a sleek style to fit in any kitchen and it helps filter out up to 60% of contaminants found in the water from your faucet. 


#2 Seedlings Greeting Card


  Looking for the perfect way to tell someone you like them and that they matter to you this Valentine’s day? Buy them a Seedlings card with a quirky, sweet, and/or perfect saying and send them a message the old fashion way. Even better the card's envelope is made out of seed paper and the recipient can soak it, plant it, and non-invasive wildflowers will grow! It’s really the card that keeps on giving!


#3 TENJIN Linen Blanket


  A little more high-end of a present—splurge on a gift from Tenjin made with 100% natural fibers! A blanket that will keep you warm, cool, and always cozy! This gift is perfect for anyone on your list who loves things all-natural and cozy!


#4 Takenaka Bento Boxes

  For anyone on your list a bento box from Takenaka is the perfect fit! They come in all different shapes and sizes to fit your lifestyle. Perfect for the working man or woman, the college-goers, and even the high schooler looking for a more stylish lunch box! Find the perfect color to match the vibes of your favorite person. 


#5 Best Friend necklaces from RCHL Made


  The iconic heart BFF necklaces will make you nostalgic for your middle school days and also make you extra fashionable as they’re making a huge comeback! Give this to your best friend and celebrate Galentine's day! It’s like you’re getting a present too! They also have awesome other jewelry at such good prices so send a link to your significant other to give them a hint of the jewelry you really want this V-day season!



#6 Essential oils 


  Nothing says I love you more than giving someone the gift of self-care. Eden’s garden a California based essential oils company has the cutest essential oils specifically for Valentine’s day! And let me tell you their oils are not only amazing but they’re also really good price points, sourced indigenously, and really good quality! 


#7 Bath Bomb 


 You can never go wrong with a bath bomb. Period. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a gift for your mom, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your best friend, or your brother or sister. Everyone loves a good soak that leaves your skin feeling silky soft! 


#8 Inden Est 1582


  Looking to find the perfect luxury gift we’ve got you covered. Buy anything from INDEN Est 1582 made with premium leather that’s durable and beautifully patterned. These items are perfect for everyone! Not only are they beautifully crafted, but they’re durable and classic styles that will never go out of style.


#9 Organic Wildflower Seed bombs


 These organic wildflower seed bombs are made from hand recycled paper, non-toxic coloring, and made with a whole lot of love. They come with 50 little biodegradable plantable hearts that are meant to be planted! They are the perfect little gift to give with chocolates or just a little gift to say I love you. 


#10 Fair Trade Chocolate


 It’s not Valentine’s day without chocolate! We love Choco Love so much and wish we could eat it every day! All of their cocoa beans can be traced to the farmer that it came from and any other ingredient is non-GMO. So, here’s your perfect excuse to buy someone you love (or just yourself) a box of fair trade chocolate that’s great quality, tasty, and luxurious. 


#11 The Sill Plants


  You can’t go wrong with a gift that keeps on living! The sill not only delivers potted plants right to your door but also super cute pots come with it so you’re all ready to go! And even better, it's the perfect gift because it lasts for such a long time! 



#12 Otherland Candles


  These candles don’t just smell amazing but they’re also such a great price point compared to other candles in the industry! They have scents from rugged to rosy to meet all the needs of all your loves this V-day. They use soy and coconut wax blend with a 100% cotton wick to slow burn. 100% toxin-free and after your candles all used up use the container to hold all your favorite things!


  We hope you have a happy V-day and get to spend it with someone you love whoever that may be! 



Takenaka Team