Tips and Tricks for Packing the Best School Lunches

Back to School season is in full swing! And as the little ones (and not so little ones) head back to the playgrounds and the classrooms, you’re probably wondering how you can send them back with nutritious, filling meals to keep them going throughout the day. The ideal school lunch includes fruits, veggies, grains, and proteins but still gives your kid a delicious meal they can brag to their friends about! Start the school year right with some tips and tricks to pack the best school lunches.

1. Get those Veggies In

Your child spends and therefore eats a large portion of the day’s food at school! Make sure they’re also getting the right amount of nutrients from veggies packed into their lunches. Incorporating dips or grilling and roasting their fave veggies can help sneak in the sometimes not so fun healthy snack or meal.


2. What’s Your Flavor?

Choosing a high quality, low processed protein is an important pillar to any meal. Make it tasty with a variety of spices and seasoning that are also good for you!


3. Choose Your Hydration

Water and low sugar fruit juice are best! 

4. Save Some Room for Fun

Balance is key! While packing a healthy, nutritious lunch is important, give some space for fun with a delicious snack like a cookie, brownie, or chips. Small treats give your child something to look forward to and keep mealtime interesting!

Once you’ve prepared the perfect lunch, pack it in the coolest, most sustainable way to transport meals. Our Bentos are BPA-free and made from recycled materials so they’re not only fun, they’re good for the environment too. Check out our bento boxes here and some inspo for even more meals here!