Your Versatile Bento

Using our bento to carry your favorite foods and snacks might be the main reason you pick up our colorful and minimal designs. However, as a sustainable option we know that there are many ways you can use our bento -- even outside the kitchen! Below are some ways you all have shared with us on how you use your bentos. From small item storage, to jewelry organizers and even weed holders, we love the way our bentos can be integrated into your lives both big and small!

  1. Travel Case: Pack it up and go! Our Bento Bite Dual is the perfect way to organize your items for travel. Whether plane, train or automobile, Bite Dual’s double decker design and built-in partition allows you to store your small and compartmentalize items so you can keep them all in one place and perfectly separated for your next journey.
  2. Jewelry Holder: Love jewelry but struggle to find a place to hold it all neatly? Many of you have told us you love to use your Bento Snack Dual to keep your earrings, necklaces and much, much more all neat and tidy on your dresser or nightstand.
  3. Weed Holder: Fan of cannabis? The Strategist named our bentos as one of the best ways to store weed. Let it work double duty by holding a post high snack and your bud all in one place!  
  4. Herb Planter: BPA and lead free, our bento is also perfect for growing your little seedlings into the herb of your choice. Basil, mint and everything in between, our Bento Snack sits nicely (and cute-ly) on any window sill for an herb garden of your dreams.

Have a favorite way to use your bento outside the kitchen! Tell us about it on social using #takenakabento!