Fall harvest bowl by Lexi

My name is Lexi Ferber and I am a NYC food and lifestyle influencer. I am known for the best NYC restaurant recommendations and easy at home recipes.

Takenaka Bento box helps me bring my creative and delicious recipes to work and I couldn’t love the sleek white bento box more! Stores plenty of food which is a bonus!

Favorite part of the box is how easy it is to bring a delicious meal to work. I usually pack a bowl style lunch and love the white bento box.




1. Sauté kale in oil and garlic for your base of the bowl

2. Chop 1 sweet potato and air fry

3. Cook your protein of choice – we of course use @goodranchers chicken

4. Chop up ¼ of an apple

5. Assemble your bowl by laying down the kale and topping it off with @kissmyketo bread crumbs, fat free feta, @cava tzatziki dip

6. When you’re ready to eat mix in the protein and sweet potatoes and enjoy 😊