From Morganna's Gluten-Free Kitchen


I am a Wyoming girl that moved to Colorado for college! When I met my husband 13 years ago I was having too much fun to cook or even have food in my fridge. We ate out all the time but when I found out I had a gluten allergy it was time to learn how to cook. I had never been someone to cook or pack a lunch so it was an adjustment! I remember at 22 baking chicken and taking it to the bars while my friends would have burgers – I wish I had my trendy TAKENAKA Bento then..  not my sandwich bag!

  • Life Aspirations

I want to show people who have to stick to a gluten free diet or have food allergies that they can do it. There are ways to your new normal. You can be healthy and eat the foods you love by adjusting and preparation!


  • What is a Bento Box / Lunch Box to you?

My Bento Box to me is my ability to eat what I want when I want. Eating out with food allergies can be a risk, you never know if your food is contaminated or not. I have three kids and no time to deal with getting glutened PLUS I trust my food the most. I love choosing my own food, having a variety,  and packing exactly what I want. My bento is my security that I don’t get sick and I leave full!


  • What do you pack in your TAKENAKA Bento?

In my TAKENAKA Bento I am all about variety – a different day a different Bento. When going to the park early in the morning I enjoy filling my Bento with eggs, gf toast with cream cheese, a little fruit, and a drink packet. Lunch at the pool can be a dip with veggies, or a salad with chicken, and a sweet gf muffin! I love packing leftovers straight from dinner the night before for lunch the next day! A girls get together I bring my own charcuterie including gf crackers, cheese, grapes, apple slices, and sliced salamis! The menu possibilities in my TAKENAKA Bento impress my friends – they always say they wish they had my food!


  • What is your favorite part of our boxes and what colors have you chosen?

My favorite part of my box is that it comes with a hidden fork and contains a separator! I like my foods being organized and the fact the separator moves makes it so versatile! I love the bright colors of my bento! It’s so easy to spot even my kids don’t let me forget it at the house!

I grew up with this fruit dip & I love sharing it with my friends and family! (( My kids DESTROY this dip! )) My @takenakabentobox makes it SO EASY - I love that it has a divider in the top compartment, a fork, and a band around it to keep it secure! (( PLUS it makes me a trendy mama when I whip it out! )) 💁🏼‍♀️


How to make my fruit dip👇🏻

1 8oz block of @phillycreamchs (softened – take it out of fridge about 45 minutes before making dip!)

1 7oz jar @kraftjetpuffed marshmallow fluff


Mix mix mix – add to bottom section of your @takenakabentobox – in the top section – add your favorite fruits! – I cut up mangos, strawberries, & grapes!