Journal of Ramen Chef Shuya Miyawaki

Chef Shuya Miyawaki, offers flavorful, tasty NO MSG Ramen made with quality ingredients. His signature, Shuya Ramen, can be eaten up till an empty bowl thanks to the rich broth of chicken, fish and clams. Previously a sushi chef, Chef Shuya knows her way around the kitchen!

You'll feel a cozy comfortable moment at Shuya cafe with their wooden low tables and chairs by Hachi Collections and various handmade ramen bowls and plates by Shuya.

Due to COVID, there is only 1 table outside but still, you can enjoy hot ramen and some appetizers! As a nod to their Japanese roots, their restaurant also sells Japanese design face masks made by Hitomi, Shuya's wife, small ceramic plates made by Shuya and beautiful home decor items by Hachi Collections.

Shuya continues to offer zen, peaceful experiences to customers looking to enjoy food with all five senses. Come by and enjoy a Japanese cozy time in the NY Winter season!

Perfect for the TAKENAKA BOWL, you can serve up their famous ramen wherever you would like to go.

Shuya Cafe de Ramen

42-13 Broadway, Long Island City, NY 11103
(718) 777-0430