Little Lunch Box Diary

*Personal Background & Journey*

I grew up on delicious homemade Chinese and Hawaiian food. These are the flavors I treasure and want to pass on to my daughter. Rice is life but I’m working on liking healthier grains and legumes.


*Life Aspirations*

To have a better relationship with food for myself and to set a better foundation and positive example for my daughter to have healthy eating habits and body positivity!


*What is a Bento Box / Lunch Box to you?*

I have two main thoughts on this:

1. Bento boxes are a labor of love. Opening each one is like passing on the message “I love you.”

2. Between being a mom and having a full time job, my days are extremely packed. I’ve learned that it helps to be prepared and have snacks and meals packed ahead of time and ready to eat.


*What do you pack in your TAKENAKA Bento?*

Anything! But especially noodles and tall bao buns.


*What is your favorite part of our boxes and what colors have you chosen?*

I love that you can customize depending on your needs for what’s being packed — there’s a divider that can be moved and you can choose how many tiers of the bento to use each time.


Choosing a color is the hardest part because I want all the bright and fun ones! I have Blue Ice but am eyeing Lemon Zest, Candy Pink, Peppermint, and Tangerine Orange.




Bento Box Instant Noodles


* Bento box that can withstand high heat

* Vermicelli noodles

* Protein of choice

* Veggies of choice

* Seasoning of choice

* Toppings of choice




1. Add rice vermicelli noodles to your bento box

2. Add your choice of protein and veggies

3. Finish with your choice of flavoring/seasonings

4. Put everything away until lunchtime (refrigerate or use ice packs as needed)

5. When ready to eat, add boiling water and cover for 5-8 minutes

6. Mix and enjoy! 😋


What I like to pack with my noodles:

* Yu choy

* Bean sprouts

* Won ton

* Edamame

* Carrot strips

* Mushroom

* Hard-boiled egg

* Bouillon

* Green onion and crispy onions