Easy Asian Hainanese Chicken Rice by @homerestaurantjp

You'll feel the Summer vibe with this Asian rice bowl! 

Servings: 2

Dish Ingredients:

Jasmine rice: 10.6oz
Chicken thigh: 1 piece
Green part of the green onion: 1 bunch 

☆ Chicken soup stock powder: 1 tbsp
☆ Salt and pepper: Proper quantity
☆ Grated garlic and ginger: Proper quantity


Sauce Ingredients:

○ Japanese Leek: 1/4bunch
○ Grated ginger: 1tsp
○ Soy sauce: 2 tsp
○ Oyster Sauce: 2 tsp
○ Sugar: 1 tsp
○ Lemon juice or Vinegar: 1 tsp
○ Fish Sauce: 1 tsp
○ Chili oil or sesame oil (as you like): 1 tsp

 * Vegetables of your choice, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and parsley



1. Rinse rice

2. Add rice in a rice cooker and add water less than 2 cups.
* If you are using jasmine rice, use boiling water.

3. Add the dish ingredients (☆) into the rice cooker, and stir.

4. Add chicken and green onion. Start cooking.
* Choose express cooking mode if using jasmine rice

5. Make the sauce by mixing the sauce ingredients (○). 

6. When rice cooker is done, take out the green onion and chicken and cut the chicken into a size that is easy to eat.

7. Place the rice in the bowl, topped with chicken and your favorite vegetables, and add sauce to complete.