Rainbow Roll by @littleluxuryfoods



Spring Roll wraps
Red cabbage
Red pepper
Water (for the wraps)


Slice up all the veg into small strips. Keep the aubergine fairly chunky - about 2cm width pieces. 

Start by dipping the aubergine slices into egg then flour (and salt) and place into a hot frying pan filled with about a centimeter of oil and fry until golden brown on both sides.

Once all the aubergine is cooked and the veg is sliced, place some hot water onto a plate or a frying pan works nicely and soak the spring roll wrap into the water for about 10 seconds until slightly softened and malleable.

Start by filling with red cabbage then add the sliced carrot, cucumber and pepper. Add in the tempura aubergine. Then carefully roll up keeping it all nice and tightly rolled. 

Carefully slice into pieces with a sharp knife.

Enjoy with soy sauce or teriyaki sauce - Whatever you fancy :)