Thank you for your contributions in helping our community.

We have all been going through a very challenging situation. Everyone from medical workers to people who remain at work, providing gas, electric, water, groceries, pharmacies, logistics, and whatever else we need should be classified as a HERO.

We’ve been working on if there is anything we can do to provide the world even a small relief, and decided to start the following campaign.

We will be donating 10% of our sales directly to - Plus, donating one Bento Box to medical workers in NYC, for every TAKENAKA BENTO BOX purchased on our website. Hoping we could give them some joy during this difficult time. 

We also offer a 10% discount for all of our valued customers who support this effort. Please enter the code "HAPPY10" when you checkout. We will continue this campaign until May 10th.

We hope this small step will bring some joy to people, who are working so hard to keep us all safe. We’re all in this together.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy.