Get to know Takenaka Bento and our products LIVE at our virtual showroom!
Come learn about our history, explore our one-of-a-kind products and much, much more. Explore the videos below to get started!

Introducing Takenaka Bento Box

Takenaka was created to address the demand of Japanese workers bringing their lunches to work in the early 1900’s. Using the popular bento box as a framework, Takenaka designed boxes similar in nature that were recognizable and could be reused. As time went on bento boxes continued to rise in popularity with interest spreading to the West. Today Takenaka Bento marries the East with the West with BPA and Lead free, sustainable boxes that help you live in color.

Meet the Takenaka Bento

Meet our Bentos! Designed to help you take your favorite meals on the go, learn the ins and outs of our Bento Dual and Bento Nibble, what they include and even how to wrap using the traditional Furoshiki cloth.

Choosing the Right Bento for You

Wondering which of our bentos is right for you? Take a look as we take you through our line of sustainable bentos! Each with its own unique style, you’ll explore how each bento is suited for your needs. No matter which bento you choose, each style comes in a variety of colors so you can live in color.

Accessories for Your Takenaka Bento

Not just bento boxes, Takenaka Bento offers sustainable accessories to go along with your bento. Chopsticks and cutlery sets add a fun, matching flair, mugs allow you to take your favorite drink on the go and dull paper bags are no match for our colorful lunch bags. Get to know all of our accessories here!

New Year, New Styles from Takenaka Bento

Explore the latest colorways and styles from Takenaka including the sleek Bento Flat and our newest collaboration with POKETO.

Packing Your Bento

Still working your way around our bento options? Take a look as we explore the different ways you can pack our bento styles to best suit your needs. Whether it’s a small snack or meal for two, we’ll show you how your bento is built to best accommodate your food needs.