Supporting Mother Earth One Step at a Time

Earth Day has come and gone but every year we are invigorated with a renewed sense of urgency in taking care of our planet. Takenaka Bento has long been committed to sustainability, helping you cut down on waste and giving you options to better both the planet and yourself. Take a look at all the steps we’ve taken towards creating a sustainable future we all can be proud of. 

  1. Made from Recyclable Products: Our bentos are created with recycled materials including PET bottles that help reduce waste and upcycle into new reusable items that stand the test of time
  2. 1% Pledge: Did you know Takenaka Bento gives away a percentage of proceeds to organizations that promote sustainability and help reduce food scarcity. Our 1% Pledge was created to go further than just helping our planet, we want to help those in need as well! 
  3. Promote Healthy Eating: Our bentos aren’t only made out of good materials, we hope you put good food in it! Bento box culture promotes carrying healthy, wholesome food on the go so you can best care for your body. It’s our hope and goal that our bentos give you the ability to take the best meals to go. Need some inspo for your bento? Check out our blog for healthy recipes you can pack in your bento!
  4. Cleaner Products, Cleaner Eating: All Takenaka Bentos are BPA and Lead Free for cleaner eating without the worries of chemicals lacing your meals. No microplastics here! 

With you and our planet in mind, we are committed to providing healthy, sustainable living to you and our planet. Want more info on how to better care for our Earth? Take a look at our blog post on stopping food waste here!